It wasn’t long back when I was diagnosed with dengue. At first, the symptoms seemed to be that of a typical fever and had I not been fortunate enough to receive timely intervention from Unipath Diagnostics, my condition would have gone worse and awry. As the only cure for dengue lies in its prevention or early diagnosis and continuous monitoring of the body vitals, I was totally dependent on my caregivers and medical professionals from Unipath Diagnostics to combat this fever. I extend my gratitude to their entire team for providing me with all the facilities at home (even if it meant collecting my blood samples on a daily basis). Their constant reaffirming presence was like an immunity booster to not just my emaciating condition but also that of my loved ones.

Apart from providing relentless emotional support, the team maintained a professional attitude towards my recovery. All blood samples were taken in an extremely hygienic manner with fresh needles, every time, so that my already weak immunity didn’t have to bear the weight of additional infections. Proper medical advice was provided and my condition was constantly monitored by well qualified doctors (Dr. Raj Narang, Dr. Salil Narang and Dr. Neha Narang). Besides this, I was encouraged to take plenty of fluids along with papaya leaf extracts and the basic paracetamol to regulate my temperature. This treatment was rather effective as I was not introduced to heavy anti-biotics, something I was advised by other medical professionals (despite the well-known fact that anti-biotics don’t work on viral fevers; a terribly failed placebo experiment). The doctors had also mentally prepared me to bear with a typical pattern of dengue fever i.e. erratic platelet fluctuations and even a relapse! Thankfully, I recuperated within two weeks without any relapse however, their forewarnings protected me against taking undue stress that would have hampered my recovery. Medical acumen of Dr. Salil and Dr. Neha is worth appreciating for nothing is more important than an accurate and timely diagnosis. Also, this conducive care would have certainly been incomplete without sister Lisy. Her medical experience exempted me from undergoing multiple pricks (during blood sample collection and drip assemblage) for she would always get the vein right in the first go!

My overall experience with Unipath Diagnostics has been more than satisfactory. They provide holistic care and ensure a cordial and conducive environment for a speedy recovery of their patients. I wish them best for their future ventures and if need be, I strongly recommend their care-giving services to the ones in need.